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1. Access is Human: Let's change the conversation around accessibility back to people.

When we stop seeing access as an undue burden on society, we will free up space in our hearts for the humans who use the...

2. How to Create a Safe Space for Those with Disabilities

Everyone deserves to feel supported. However, it can often be more difficult for individuals with disabilities to have t...

3. Inspired By My Mother To Help Others See The World

My mother taught me an incredible life lesson that no matter what the obstacle is, you can overcome and even turn it int...

4. Exciting News- Jason's Connection is Expanding its Website

Jason's Connection is much more than connecting our community to services, resources, information and news stories....

5. How Will the Repeal of the Affordable Care Act Affect Families with Children with Special Need

With the upcoming administration, changes to the House and Senate, and the echo of campaign promises, many parents with ...

6. Small Home Repairs Make a Big Difference for Children With Special Needs

Taking care of a child is one of the most challenging tasks a parent can face. When your child has special needs, it add...

7. Toronto, The Summer of Learning About a Method of Inclusion

This summer, I had the pleasure to attend the Toronto Summer Institute Inclusion Conference. To be honest, it blew my mi...

8. People Accepting People

Inclusion is not a building or a program. Inclusion is people being with people and people accepting others.

9. The Elephant in the Room: The Fear of Disability

A lot of what is talked about concerning disability has to do with one word, FEAR.

10. Human Needs, Not Special Needs

I am not denying that I need help or that I have a disability. But the needs I have are not 'special', they are human.

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 51

There are 51 item(s) tagged with the keyword "accessibility".
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