Jason's Connection Founder, Jason Harris, Tells His Story to StoryCorps

02 Mar 2015 by Jason Harris

In this interview, Jason Harris tells his story–from his childhood and diagnosis with NLD to his education, founding Jason’s Connection, surviving cancer, and his thoughts on life and ideas.

On Thursday, January 22nd, Jason Harris, founder of Jason’s Connection, was interviewed by Jason’s Connection’s Content Director, Ericka McIntyre, at the StoryCorps studio in the Chicago Cultural Center, in downtown Chicago, as part of the Disability Visibility Project.

Our readers know that Jason is usually the one doing the interviewing, so this was a change for him. But he shares a lot of interesting thoughts here, on everything from Stephen Hawking to how society is affected by marginalizing those who are different, from his goals for Jason’s Connection to his hope to be remembered as a kind person who helped change the world with ideas.

Interview With Jason Harris

“Nobody can say what ‘normal’ is, they can only say what it isn’t.” Jason Harris

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Jason Harris

Founder of Jason’s Connection – an online resource for those with disabilities, mental health, aging and other needs. Jason was awarded an M.S. in Cultural Foundations of Education and Advanced Certificate in Disability Studies from Syracuse University.  Jason is also a Project Coordinator and Research Associate at the Burton Blatt Institute, an international think tank for Disability Rights and Human Justice at Syracuse University.  He regularly contributes to the blog in his own series called Jason’s View and travels the country consulting and speaking about disability issues and rights. To read more from Jason Harris, read Jason's View