Justice Richard Bernstein and Jason Harris to Speak at the 2015 ReelAbilties Film Festival in Houston

04 Feb 2015 by Jason's Connection
The Houston ReelAbilities Film Festival takes place February 8-12.

Jason’s Connection founder Jason Harris, and Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein will be presenting a talk at the Houston ReelAbilities Film Festival. They will explore the themes of travel, adventure, friendship, and independence.

On Monday, February 9 at 7 PM, at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Jason and Justice Bernstein will give a talk called “The Adventurous Spirit” before the screening of the film, Little World. They will talk about all the ways that travel can change people, challenge people, help them grow, and about their own friendship.

Justice Richard Bernstein and Jason Harris

In the film, world traveler Albert Casals doesn’t let his use of a wheelchair get in the way of his adventures. The 19-year-old sets out on a new journey to the farthest point from his home in Barcelona to a lighthouse in New Zealand…with his girlfriend Anna, his wit and charm, and just 20 euro in his pocket. The film, by Spanish filmmaker Marcel Barrena, won the Doc U! Award, Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival 2012, and the BIFF Award for Best Feature Documentary, Boulder International Film Festival 2013.

The Houston ReelAbilities Film Festival runs from February 8 through 12, and will show a diverse range of films at multiple venues all over the city.

Jason and Justice Bernstein will be speaking at other ReelAbilities festivals all over the country, including Boston, Richmond, Virginia, and New York City. There, they will discuss the topic of visible and invisible disabilities.

For more information on the ReelAbilties Film Festival see: http://www.reelabilities.org/