Investing in Community: Meet Philanthropist Oakley Farris

01 Jun 2015 by Jason's Connection
Oakley Farris and Jason Harris (Image: Robert Wilson/Sabercomm)

Recently Jason’s Connection’s Founder, Jason Harris, spoke with philanthropist Oakley Farris. In this candid interview, Mr. Farris tells the story of his amazing life.

With grit and persistence, Mr. Farris rose from a difficult start as a poor young boy growing up during the Depression, to success in the business world. He has become one of Northern Kentucky’s greatest champions, generously donating large sums to causes close to his heart, such as Northern Kentucky University. He has seen it all in his life, and here he shares his story with his usual sharp wit and pointed candor.

“Every person has something good in them. Find out what that is…and compliment that in them…and be sincere.”

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