Helping Vets Recover from Post Traumatic Stress: Meet Monty Roberts, "The Man Who Listens to Horses"

11 Mar 2015 by Jason's Connection
Monty Roberts (image provided)

Jason Harris of Jason’s Connection recently talked with Monty Roberts, aka “The Man Who Listens to Horses” about his revolutionary horse training methods, and his work teaching nonviolence and helping veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress.

Here he shares some of his fascinating life story, his ideas on nonviolence, and his experiences working with veterans, and Queen Elizabeth II.

“It’s not Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Veterans disdain the word disorder… They feel a disorder won’t heal but an injury will, so I call it
Post Traumatic Stress Injury, PTSI.”

Interview With Monty Roberts

“Violence is never the answer. No one of us was born with the right to say,
‘You must or I’ll hurt you’ to any other creature, animal or human.”

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Monty Roberts

Monty Roberts has led an extraordinary life. He has been an award-winning trainer of championship horses, best-selling author, Hollywood stunt man, foster dad to 47 children (in addition to three of his own) and is creator of the world-renowned and revolutionary equine training technique called Join-Up.

War veterans and their families visit his Flag Is Up Farms to experience the healing power of horses. Monty’s three-day Horse Sense and Healing clinics are free to veterans and have helped individuals to return to a normal life after 35 years or more of struggling with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress.