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Helping Veterans with PTSD: Meet Bridget DeLacy, Founder of All American Alternatives

20 May 2015 by Bridget DeLacy

From time to time, we like to invite guests to share their stories with us. Bridget DeLacy is founder of All American Alternatives.–Ed.

All American Alternatives offers a unique approach for veterans who suffer from PTSD to combat stress using alternative wellness strategies like yoga, Krav Maga, massage therapy, and other holistic approaches. “A pill may help to temporarily numb the effects of trauma, but All American Alternatives seeks a more permanent and healthy solution,” says Bridget DeLacy, founder of the organization.

Bridget DeLacy

ABOUT ALL AMERICAN ALTERNATIVES: We are a group of people, civilian and military, who have witnessed what PTSD can do to a person. Marriages and hearts have been broken. Jobs, identities, and lives have been lost. Drugs mask the symptoms, but do not provide long term solutions. We want to do something different. We offer drug free alternative methods to help veterans combat stress.

Our mission is to help combat stress by increasing access to alternative wellness strategies.  We provide a safe space where veterans can explore alternative strategies and methods to combat stress.

We have a free event in Cary, NC on May 31, from 12:00-4:00. We will have free massages, reiki sessions, a raffle, and more. The Eventbrite link for people to register is:

For more information and to learn about some great upcoming events, visit the web site: