Helping Those with Mental Health Disorders: Meet Angela Ostholthoff of the Recovery Center of Hamilton County

15 Jun 2015 by Jason's Connection

Recently Jason’s Connection’s Content Director, Ericka McIntyre, had a chat with Angela Ostholthoff, Training Coordinator for The Recovery Center of Hamilton County, a consumer run organization that supports residents of Hamilton County (Ohio) who are working on their recovery from mental health disorders.?

“Recovery is possible…we really emphasize the recovery model, that despite having an illness, you are still an individual…we really emphasize that you are somebody other than just your mental illness”


Interview With Angela Ostholthoff

THE RECOVERY CENTER’S mission is to offer an environment of learning that promotes wellness and personal growth designed to empower individuals in recovery to live meaningful lives in the community. Their goal is to be a stepping stone to a fulfilling and successful life beyond the mental health community…to help individuals develop natural supports in their community that initially enhance, but eventually replace, the peer support that we offer. They offer classes and programs in various subject areas. Their staff is comprised of consumers in the latter stages of recovery who will serve as role models to others in the mental health system. Core competencies you will see from staff at the Recovery Center are compassion, empathy, and respect along with excellent listening and interpersonal skills. Most of their staff, and many of their volunteers are Certified Peer Specialists.?

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Angela Ostholthoff

Before coming to The Recovery Center, Angela Ostholthoff was the Coordinator for Phoenix Place and a Corrections Officer for Clermont County Juvenile Detention Center. She has been actively involved in the consumer movement since 1999 as an advocate for persons with mental illness.