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The Direction of Self-Determination

Self–Determination is something you learn from mentors, family and friends who support you. Self-De... read more

26 Apr 2018

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Autism Awareness Month Is An Opportunity for Greater Appreciation

For me, Autism Awareness Month is an opportunity for greater Appreciation of autistic people and the unique qualities an... read more

24 Apr 2018

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Representation Matters

I'm an avid believer that Representation matters. That a person from every minority group should be present. How else ca... read more

19 Apr 2018

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5 Steps To Take When Your Child Is Diagnosed With A Disability

I will never forget the day my son was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. It was an overwhelming sense of comple... read more

12 Apr 2018

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Autism Awareness Month Should Be More Than Just About Awareness

Autism Awareness Month should be more than just about awareness.  It should be about Acceptance and Appreciation of... read more

10 Apr 2018

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Please, Let's Stop Saying "Overcome"

How can people and society accept  people with disabilities, and people with disabilities accept themselves, if we ... read more

05 Apr 2018

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We are about helping people...

We are not just about sharing information and stories.  We are about helping people feel more comfortable and be mo... read more

03 Apr 2018