Guest Blog

How To Fit A Square Peg Through A Round Hole

We can achieve the answer to the supposedly impossible question not by reducing the size of the peg but by expanding the... read more

29 Mar 2018

Jason's View

A New Model of Support: Peer Mentoring

We envision a model of human services that's more flexible to the individual versus retro-fitting the individual to... read more

22 Mar 2018

Guest Blog

Jason Harris Interview by Samantha Craft of My Spectrum Suite

Samantha Craft of My Spectrum Suite, an educational company dedicated to celebrating neurodiversity through the arts, li... read more

15 Mar 2018

Stereotypes and Assumptions about Jobs for Autistic People

Our culture needs to get creative with creating jobs and workspaces, both remote and in-house, for people... read more

01 Mar 2018