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Disability or No Disability

Disability or no disability, we all have challenges. It is our ability to figure out our strengths and assets that will ... read more

25 Oct 2016

Guest Blog

Recovering Addicts Share How They Help Each Other

I recently spoke to a number of recovering addicts about their journeys, and what really struck me most about our conver... read more

20 Oct 2016

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Accept and Be Proud

When you accept, are proud of, and honest about who you are, then you have more and better relationships. read more

18 Oct 2016

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People Accepting People

Inclusion is not a building or a program. Inclusion is people being with people and people accepting others. read more

11 Oct 2016

Jason's View

The Elephant in the Room: The Fear of Disability

A lot of what is talked about concerning disability has to do with one word, FEAR. read more

05 Oct 2016

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Human Needs, Not Special Needs

I am not denying that I need help or that I have a disability. But the needs I have are not 'special', they are human. read more

04 Oct 2016