Magic of Movement: Performance Artist Bill Shannon Changes the Way We Look at Dance and Disability

Recently Jason’s Connection’s Content Director, Ericka McIntyre, talked with Bill Shannon, an interdisciplin... read more

22 Sep 2015

Jason's View

Letter to Myself at 17, from Myself at 27

Dear Me at 17, I understand that life has not always been easy. You have had many struggles, and feelings of inadequacy.... read more

17 Sep 2015


We're Friends, But Not for the Reason You Think: A Conversation with Jason Harris and Justice Richard Bernstein

Recently Jason’s Connection’s Content Director, Ericka McIntyre, sat down with Jason’s Connection&rsqu... read more

08 Sep 2015

Starfire Stories: Meet Beth, the Zumba Spitfire

If you’re a person with developmental disabilities looking for a group exercise class, you might find yourself bei... read more

03 Sep 2015


Defending the Basic Human Right to Water: Meet George McGraw, Founder of DIGDEEP

Recently Jason’s Connection’s Founder, Jason Harris, spoke with George McGraw, the Founder and Executive Dir... read more

01 Sep 2015