Are You In? Ruderman Inclusion Summit to Celebrate Inclusion and Understanding

An exciting event is coming to Boston in November–The Ruderman Inclusion Summit. The Ruderman Inclusion Summit wil... read more

20 Aug 2015


PFLAG–Parents, Families, and Friends of LGBTQ Persons: Advancing Equality and Affirmation

Recently Jason’s Connection’s Founder, Jason Harris, spoke with Toni Weaver, President of the PFLAG Council ... read more

18 Aug 2015

Guest Blog

The Other Child: Reflections of a Mother of an Adult Autistic Son

From time to time, we like to invite guests to share their stories with us. Today’s guest blogger is an anonymous ... read more

13 Aug 2015


CHICAGO CELEBRATES 25 YEARS OF THE ADA: Meet Risa Rifkind of ADA 25 Chicago

Recently Jason’s Connection’s founder, Jason Harris, interviewed Risa Jaz Rifkind, Program Coordinator for A... read more

11 Aug 2015

Jason's View

"We Don't Need No Medication": The Culture of Medication

Medicine is one of the things we all deal with at some point, whether over the counter medicine for colds or the flu, or... read more

06 Aug 2015


Playing to Our Character Strengths: Meet Dr. Ryan Niemiec, of the VIA Institute on Character

Recently Jason’s Connection’s founder, Jason Harris, sat down with Dr. Ryan Niemiec, a positive psychologist... read more

04 Aug 2015