Champion Monsters: We All Need A Protector

14 Dec 2016 by Jason's Connection

“When your child is scared or crying, there’s not a lot you can do to comfort them. You can hug them and say it’ll be OK and you try to make them feel better as best as you can. It’s one of the most helpless feelings and that’s exactly why this was created. It gives parents a real tool to address the situation that they’re going through.”

Lindsey Womack is the author of Champion Monsters. The story was developed over many years in trying to comfort her children’s fears. The Champion Monsters book and monster doll are designed as a tool to help ease children’s fears and provide additional comfort in all situations.

Lindsay started Champion Monster projects to bring this book and the monster idea to life. Having four children that went through different scenarios where they needed a little extra comfort from her and her husband, she developed a story that could help comfort them.

One of her sons was particularly afraid of the dark. Every night was a huge process getting him to go to his own bed. She felt there had to be something she could give him at bedtime to keep him in his room and to make him feel a little safer, so she came up with this story. He was afraid of monsters like many kids Lindsay flipped this fear and used monsters as something that could protect him, keep him safer and be an extra comfort.

Hazel, her brother, and their Champion Monsters.

The first book is an introduction to the Champion Monsters, which are a team of monsters that help kids overcome their fears such as fear of the dark, or going to school or going to the doctor. The book comes with either a boy or a girl, large cuddly monster.

Two more books are to be published, one of which is called Champion Monsters and the Doctor Visit. It addresses both getting a checkup and having to stay at a hospital for an extended period of time. It will provide some games. Each of the books will be designed to be individualized. The child gets to name their monsters.

Recently Lindsey and her Champion Monsters received the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award.

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