Alternative Methods for Health: Meet Kymberly Keniston-Pond, Author, Certified Reflexologist, and Aromatherapist

20 Apr 2015 by Jason's Connection

Jason’s Connection’s Content Director, Ericka McIntyre, recently spoke with Kymberly Keniston-Pond, a certified reflexologist and aromatherapist who uses these ancient natural healing methods to help women and people with disabilities regain wellness and balance.

In her practice, Ms. Keniston-Pond works with people with various physical and developmental disabilities and conditions, including autism, Bell’s Palsy, MS, and many others. She also especially loves working with women. Reflexology helps untangle the knots inside the body that can limit mobility, strength, focus, and more. Aromatherapy can help with mood, focus, relaxation, and other issues. Both of these practices can be helpful supports to conventional medicine, things that one can add for holistic health and wellness.

In her book, Essential Oils for Health, Ms. Keniston-Pond gives 100 uses for essential oils. From tea tree and lavender to eucalyptus and peppermint, essential oils have been praised for their ability to lift moods, treat common health ailments, and enhance one’s appearance. Readers will be introduced to 12 affordable essential oils with over 100 recipes that the author put thoughtful intention into creating. So, with only 12 essential oils, readers will learn how to use them in their daily health and beauty routines, from controlling emotional stress to clearing sinuses, to smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. The recipes include step-by-step instructions with plenty of helpful tips, and cautions when needed.

Essential Oils for Health,
Adams Media, 2015

“I encourage people to go to a reflexologist that has credentials. Make sure you’re going to someone reputable, who has education behind them. And I also encourage people who want to try aromatherapy, to reach out to a certified aromatherapist, somebody who has got the education to properly help you.”

Interview With Kymberly Keniston-Pond

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Kymberly Keniston-Pond

Kymberly Keniston-Pond is the owner of Kymberly’s LLC. That business reflects her accomplishments as an artist; Certified Integrative Reflexologist; Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist; developer of an organic skin care line called Earthen Beauty; and a Continued Education Provider for reflexology and aromatherapy. Though she works with all people, her passion is working with women and persons with disabilities. She holds four reflexology certifications, three reflexology diplomas, and three aromatherapy certifications, inclusive of her Clinical Master in Aromatherapy. In addition, she holds a Certification for Supporting Adults with ASDs. She has been a presenter for the Virginia Colleges Association’s annual concurrent sessions in 2009 and 2010, as well as a presenter in 2010 for Therapeutic Recreation for her work using essential oils with people with disabilities.