Guest Blog

The Day The Classical Music Played

Sensory processing disorder is a very real and life limiting part of my autism. I choose to say "my autism", b... read more

10 Oct 2018

Guest Blog

What's It Like To Live With Anxiety? It's Messy.

What's it like to live with anxiety? It's messy. read more

03 Oct 2018

Guest Blog

How I Dealt With Childhood Bullies and What I Learned As An Adult

I am an adult now, but I remember being teased and tormented by children my age every day for eight years. No matte... read more

26 Sep 2018

Guest Blog

My Adult Son On The Spectrum Has Been A Gift

Growing up, our son experienced many ups and downs. Now, as an adult, we can truly say he’s matured and devel... read more

19 Sep 2018

Jason's View, Picture Quotes

I Do Things In My Own Way

I don't always do things like other people, but I do them in my own time and in my own way. - Jason Harris, Founder of J... read more

17 Sep 2018

Jason's View, Picture Quotes

Let's Value Our Differences

Let's value our differences as Strengths To Be Recognized, not minimized. - Jason Harris, Founder of Jason's Connection read more

10 Sep 2018

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5 Things I Learned As A Caregiver

Figure out as a caregiver what each experience is trying to teach you.  Above all else, remember that we as ca... read more

05 Sep 2018

Jason's View, Picture Quotes

Those With Disabilities Must Be Given Opportunity

Those with disabilities must be given the opportunity to show their strengths. - Jason Harris, Founder of Jason's Connec... read more

03 Sep 2018

Guest Blog

About Uneepi: Autism Dating and Social Media Site

Thomas Sheil, Founder of Uneepi, an online dating & relationship resource designed to support people on the Aut... read more

28 Aug 2018