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5 Things I Learned As A Caregiver

Figure out as a caregiver what each experience is trying to teach you.  Above all else, remember that we as ca... read more

06 Sep 2018

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Those With Disabilities Must Be Given Opportunity

Those with disabilities must be given the opportunity to show their strengths. - Jason Harris, Founder of Jason's Connec... read more

04 Sep 2018

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About Uneepi: Autism Dating and Social Media Site

Thomas Sheil, Founder of Uneepi, an online dating & relationship resource designed to support people on the Aut... read more

29 Aug 2018

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People With Disabilities Are - First And Foremost - People

We need to remember that people with disabilities are - first and foremost - people. - Jason Harris, Founder of Jason's ... read more

28 Aug 2018

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Maximize Your Health

A recent CDC report on the statistics of the poor health of the disabled community prompted me to explore the situation ... read more

23 Aug 2018

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Exist In Your Way

It is important that you can be comfortable when you are out in the community.  The more people see disabled people... read more

21 Aug 2018

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A Plate of Pride: A Recipe For Asking For Help With An Invisible Disability

Strangers and even people we know may not be aware of our physical challenges due to an invisible disability. Depending ... read more

16 Aug 2018

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Each Person Has A Story To Share

When we are able to hear a person's story, it helps us to See The Person Rather Than A Label.  Each person has stor... read more

14 Aug 2018

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A Rewarding Peer Mentor Experience

I’ve been a peer mentor for over one year for an individual who is on the autism spectrum. Through our relati... read more

09 Aug 2018