Guest Blog

50 Years

27 Dec 2017 by Diana Mairose

50 years ago we did not have -

People First Language.

The right for all people with disabilities to attend school.

The ability to get on a city (Cincinnati) bus for a person who uses a wheelchair for mobility.

The Americans with Disabilities Act.

Early Intervention.

A Health Care System that has a stronger way of communicating with other Health Care Professionals for sources of needed information.

Now we DO!!

But we have more work to do.

We are proud of our work in schools and in our community.

Our voices are continuing to be heard – from housing to voting.

What we ask for is continued advocacy, education, and support.

...teach other future leaders what we know

We can do this by networking, events, and having the opportunity to teach other future leaders what we know.

People need to hear about our experiences and know what is possible.

Diana Mairose

Diana Mairose is a voting rights advocate who works as an Advocacy Support Adviser for Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services.