5 Therapists in Cincinnati for ADHD & Asperger's.

10 Sep 2014 by Jason's Connection

Therapy can be an extremely rewarding process for those who need it to cope with issues that arrive throughout life. It can also aid and improve life from lowering anxiety to finally reaching one’s goals.

We’ve listed here 5 Therapists in Cincinnati that work with children and adults alike that have ADD, ADHD, & Asperger’s.

All Psychologists have been verified by Psychology Today. You can find even more psychologists on our website depending on your need! Just go to our front page of our site and click on Therapy.

?Judi Hughes

Psychologist, MEd, NCSP
“I am a Licensed School Psychologist and Educational Consultant in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I work  with students in preschool through post graduate college, who are experiencing difficulties in learning and/or demonstrating poor school performance. (Judi Hughes) I provide help for struggling learners in preschool through post college. I identify factors that are barriers to their success, determine their strongest learning pathways and recommend strategies to encourage achievement. I diagnose and treat a variety of neuropsychological disorders impacting learning such as ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, language based learning disabilities, nonverbal learning disabilites, and autism spectrum disorders.”(Psychology Today)

Ryan J Macks

“Dr. Ryan Macks opened his private practice in Mason, Ohio after nine years at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital as a staff psychologist, supervisor, and Director of Clinical Training in the Division of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics (DDBP).  His specialty at the hospital was diagnostic testing of children, adolescents, and adults. To date, Dr. Macks has conducted more than 2,000 diagnostic assessments for possible Learning Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Giftedness.  He has also worked with many children and adults to help them overcome anxiety disorders, depression, and social skills deficits. (Ryan J Macks) I specialize in diagnostic testing, having completed over 2,000 diagnostic assessments for dyslexia and other learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabilities, developmental delays, and giftedness.”(Psychology Today)

Margery J Shupe

“I provide counseling and therapy with a warm, caring and empathic approach. I highly value patient confidentiality, trust, understanding, and recovery. I believe that it is -in -and through the strong working relationship that develops between the client and the counselor that the healing of issues is achieved and the clients’ goals are mastered.” (Psychology Today) In addition, she is an author, writing her book “Relationships Between Self-concept, Social Isolation, and Academic Achievement in College Students with and Without Learning Disabilities”

Janet Elizabeth Sohmer

“I believe that therapy belongs to, and is directed by the client. I act as an assistant, utilizing my knowledge and skills to help clients define, address, and realize positive goals and life changes. I practice an eclectic and down-to-earth approach, drawing on Cognitive, Behavioral, Systems, Developmental, Self-Psychology, and other methods and theories based upon each client’s unique presentation and evaluation.” (Psychology Today) Janet has an eclectic and down to earth approach to counseling. She has experience working with clients of different ages, races and backgrounds, presenting with a full range of concerns. Janet has worked in private practice with individuals having difficulty with work, school, marriage, relationships and life changes. She has extensive experience with multi-stressed families, adolescents and individuals in settings including Juvenile Court, Family Services and community counseling agencies serving the full spectrum of mental and emotional disorders. (Ohio Counseling)

Kate Escott

“Everyone needs someone outside themselves at some point to provide a judgment-free, safe place to process, examine, and find the strength to move forward. My goal is to help you be the best YOU that you can be.” (Psychology Today) I believe that everyone has the ability and resources to overcome any obstacle; sometimes we all just need help sorting through everything, including ourselves, that keeps us from moving forward. I would love to help you discover, or re-discover your strengths and help you to be the most emotionally healthy person you can be.(Ohio Counseling)

This list was formed by Lee Snow, Jason’s Connection Contributor. Quotes and content are directly from Psychology Today and/or the Therapist’s personal website. Please choose a therapist that is right for you and your situation as this list is merely a guide to help others find answers.