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5 Flexible Part-Time Work Opportunities for Veterans with Physical Disabilities

25 Jan 2017 by Amanda Bartow

Finding fulfilling part-time work can be a challenge for anyone, but it can be especially tricky for veterans with physical disabilities. The good news is that there are actually quite a few opportunities if you know where to look. Here are a few ideas for rewarding, part-time work if you have a physical disability:


Use to find remote work opportunities in just about any field: networking, design, accounting, software, insurance, and even economics. The service is totally free for job-seekers and doesn’t require registration. Listings include both part time and full time positions so you can see all your options. You may even find that with the right remote job, full-time hours won’t be as demanding when they’re worked from home.


Many of your neighbors probably need help looking after their pets. Become a pet sitter or a dog walking extraordinaire with and get paid for snuggle time! You can opt to have your furry companions stay in your own home to avoid accessibility issues, and your registration includes access to 24-hour veterinary assistance and pet support.


Depending on your physical abilities, a job in retail could be the perfect opportunity. Malls, shopping centers, and stores overall have strict guidelines to follow to meet ADA requirements, so getting around should be no problem. Plus, you offer a valuable perspective to customers: a shoe saleswoman with cerebral palsy will have special insight into which shoes are the most comfortable, and a salesman with limited upper mobility will have the best advice on which cookware is easy to handle. If you have strong flexibility in your hands and prefer less customer interaction, you can seek out a position processing shipments or creating basic displays.


If you think you might like teaching, become an online tutor with Chegg. Create your own hours, pick a subject to work on, and the website will send you work accordingly. You can even make extra cash if you choose a subject currently in high demand! Pay starts at $20 an hour and you can work as often or occasionally as you like.

Still not feeling inspired? Try a few different options to see what you like most and take it from there. Narrow down your interest by field — be it customer service, technical support, data entry, education, or design — and extend your search from there. Remember, there are plenty of simple accommodations that can be made so you can fully embrace your post-military dream career!

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