2 Ways You can Help Jason's Connection this Holiday Season

22 Dec 2014 by Jason's Connection

We want YOU to give to Jason’s Connection this holiday season!

Tired of Santa photos? Uncle Sam is here to shake things up!

1. Donate $5, $10, $50, or even $100 for our cause. Donate $3 if you can!
2. Give your Time and Knowledge. You can Give us a Provider and a Review to our online Directory of Services.


Why should you Donate?

Those with disabilities come to our site and message us on Facebook because they are looking for help. Any help. Due to our efforts in confidentiality, we don’t want to put a name and a face to the story.

But we receive messages of parents, caregivers, friends, and those with disabilities themselves looking for another answer. Another, better way to get treatment. To find a better doctor, to choose a therapist, locate day services, to get vocational training, and to find a roof over one’s head that is also independent.They believe life can be better and we guide our users in the right direction to find that better service.

Donate to our 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization so we can continue to pay for the website. Your tax-deductible donation helps us not only keep the lights on, but also pay for server space, web developers, designers, and a minimal staff to keep the site going.

That includes approving and publishing reviews and providers.Adding providers to the database. Generating content for our online Magazine. Leading the discussion in Disability and Mental Health Rights across the country.

Uniting disability organizations and people into one common cause.


Give Your Time and Knowledge!

By giving Jason’s Connection a new provider for our database, you help someone looking for a solution to their needs. You help someone make their life a little better.

We want to be able to help every person out there that has a need. We want to help them find choices. We want to educate our users through reviews. We want everyone to have a website they can trust to find the right answers for their situations.

Jason’s Connection is doing much better than similar sites just like it. While many nonprofits with numerous goals for the organization have tried to provide this much needed service, a project like Jason’s Connection takes a lot of time and resources.Jason’s Connection has successfully been able to manage the data that comes into the website, but it is costly.

When a similar project gets off the ground, if there are no staff members to manage it, sites tend to quickly grow out of date. The sites provide old information and usually only help communities nearby. By adding providers to the database, you ensure that the website will constantly hold new information. New providers and services can help those looking for a new answers.

We all need help from another person at some point. We all need accommodations to live life happily.