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My Aspiration Is That People Would See Me

My aspiration is that people who help me in various ways would SEE ME, and others who are in similar situations, AS A PE... read more

17 Jul 2018

Guest Blog

Overriding My Own Initial Response To Others With Disabilities "You Are Different"

Reflections of the mother of an autistic son. One struggle close to my heart is the feeling, whether it is tru... read more

12 Jul 2018

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At Jason's Connection, we are having conversations...

At Jason's Connection, we are having conversations to advance the cultural change around disability.  In order to b... read more

10 Jul 2018

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When Assistive Technology Breaks

Today, a tragedy occurred, my iPad - which I use as both an emotional and creative support - died.  This is somethi... read more

05 Jul 2018

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We Need To Consider...

We need to consider how society can be retrofitted to include everyone. - Jason Harris, Founder, Jason's Connection read more

03 Jul 2018

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Asexuality and Aromatic: A View of the Intersect with the Disability and LGBTI Communities

It is important to remember that there is a spectrum to Asexuality and to Aromanticism. At LGBTI resource centers, ... read more

28 Jun 2018

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Expressing Joy Through Painting

In high school, I was the only one hearing-impaired in that school. The kids made fun of me and bullied me, an... read more

21 Jun 2018

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We Deserve To Be Treated As We Are

We deserve to be treated as we are: Adults who just happen to be on the spectrum. - Jason Harris, Founder, Jason's Conne... read more

19 Jun 2018

Guest Blog

Me - As I Go Through This Zany, Marvelous, Difficult Experience Called "Life!"

Metaphorically, I'm soaring with Writing, Photography, and other newer interests because of Computer Technology. read more

14 Jun 2018