Guest Blog

When You Are The Medical Expert Of Your Medically Fragile Child

We are challenged to get the treatment we need for our children because many times the symptoms we see in our children a... read more

11 Jan 2018

Guest Blog

50 Years

We are proud of how far we have come in the last 50 years - but we have more work to do!  People need to hear about... read more

28 Dec 2017

Guest Blog

True Colors

My journey with CP has been challenging.  I teamed up with six other people to make this film, True Colors, to... read more

21 Dec 2017

Guest Blog

STOP BULLYING! Support Inclusion-Based Learning and Social Preparedness

When a child is born with a disability or difference, their medical needs are adhered to, but we toss them into a sea of... read more

14 Dec 2017

Guest Blog

Why More Disability Advocacy Sites Need To Be Headed By People With A Disability

It seems like someone without a disability heads most disability sites and/or advocacy groups. These leaders may have ve... read more

07 Dec 2017

Guest Blog

Yes! to Information, Integration and Acceptance

His love for painting helps with his autism. He communicates through his wonderful artwork.  When Matthew is at his... read more

30 Nov 2017

Jason's View, Picture Quotes

Respect for others' experiences and perspectives

Respect for others' experiences and perspectives leads to greater understanding and ultimately benefits everyone. - Jaso... read more

28 Nov 2017

Guest Blog

Change Cultural Perceptions: Kindness Is More Than Being Nice

When I think about the difference between being Kind and being Nice, I think about perception. To me, being nice is a si... read more

16 Nov 2017