About Us

Founded in 2013 by Jason Harris, M.Ed. Cultural Foundations of Education and Certificate of Advanced Disability Studies from Syracuse University, Project Coordinator and Research Associate, focusing on supported-decision making, at Burton Blatt Institute (BBI).

Jason’s Connection is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Ohio limited liability company that does business under the trade name Jason's Connection.  It is dedicated to connecting people to resources that serve diverse needs, enrich lives and help meet goals.

Our mission is to create an online community that connects people (and their family/caregivers) experiencing diverse challenges and unique needs, including disability, mental health, and aging to quality resources, information, supports and each other.

“By connecting to each other, we believe that we can develop strong networks that support and educate each other, helping us to connect, to meet our needs and find the resources to help us all reach our fullest potential.”

 Jason Harris

Our wish is to reach out to the other individuals and families in the community who struggle to locate quality resources to help meet their unique needs - be they medical, social, transportation, legal, or simply the need to connect to others sharing similar experiences.  We hope our readers will access our site's Resource Directory and rate and review the experiences they have gone through to help others needing services, and ultimately shape policies and services provided based on consumer needs and wants.  It is the response to these services that impacts our communities and providers. It is our way of advocacy in a grass-roots model to influence the care and services needed by our community.

Jason's Connection is a trademark for Jason's Connection, LLC, a 501(c)(3) non-profit Ohio limited liability company that operates and owns all of the content on this site.