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6 Great Places to Live for those with Disabilities – Cincinnati

07 Jul 2014

Home is where the heart is.

But finding that real home can be tough. Even tougher for those with disabilities that may need help with daily tasks such as laundry, cooking, or transportation.

This is why we gathered a small list of the great places to live for those with disabilities in Cincinnati.

These six providers were chosen by us – but do your own homework, too. These are suggestions to those looking for answers in a sea of broken links and unhelpful google results.  Choose one or another not listed that suits you best. This list focuses mostly on places for those with developmental disabilities such as Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, etc. Something like The Drexel works for those with just physical or sensory disabilities.

Through our own research, we have found 6 different housing providers with accreditations, awards, and testimonials. Many of the providers listed will have Carf Accreditation and it will be indicated as such in their descriptions and how long they have been accredited if known.

What is Carf Accreditation? Carf Accreditation only goes to programs where it’s required that services providers “to commit to quality improvement, focus on the unique needs of each person the provider serves,and monitor the results of services.” (Carf)

Make yourself heard! Before and after every organization will be a link to allow you so share with us. Take sure to add your own take. You can leave reviews for all 6 of these providers on our website right now! It’s free!

Find A Way and Geier Apartments

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Operated and owned by the same parent company – Ladd Inc. – these two apartment complexes are Carf accredited. This ensures that residents get individual attention they need at both Find a Way and Geier Apartments. Residents know that the state of their housing and care, if needed, won’t subside or reduce to a low standard. Ladd has had Carf Accreditation since 2005 – which was just renewed this year. The Cincinnati Enquirer also has rated them as a Top Place to work for 2013 & 2014. Employees enjoy their job and happily make it a great place to live for the residents.

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Envision – Housing Resource Group (HRG)

A Resident or a Parent/Caregiver of a Resident here? We want to hear about your experience! Leave a Review now!

Through Envision and HRG potential residents can choose from a variety housing options, not just apartments. An organization with roots dating back to 1963, they used to be known as The Resident Home. They provide a full staff when needed and teach those with disabilities how to live by themselves if they can.  Envision is also Carf Accredited and has a thorough history of innovating and meeting the needs of the disability community. Envision was also featured on local TV outlet WLWT for a featured story. Their website loads new testimonials on each page on the right hand side. One of the parents of their residents says:

“I have never experienced such a consistently phenomenal staff in any organization we have worked with, and it is this consistency and dedication that has made all the difference. You and your agency are to be commended. Envision is making a difference…  “

Residential Concepts, Inc.

A Resident or a Parent/Caregiver of a Resident here? We want to hear about your experience! Leave us a Review!

These residential services are located in the Southeast Suburbs of Cincinnati in Clermont county. Specifically, Batavia, OH. This organization focuses on both day services and a small amount of housing services. They don’t rent apartments – but rather large homes with roommates. Their mission is to serve persons who have developmental disabilities and enjoy living in a smaller home-like environment. (RCI). They help with money management to health, safety, and transportation. Plus there is always someone to help around with their 24 hour supervision. 

They have 6 residences that are all wheelchair and walker accessible. Two of them of are certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. The only downside is space is limited and there is rarely an opening. It’s a highly sought after living arrangement for those that don’t enjoy as much city life. 

The Drexel

The Drexel is actually not geared toward those with disabilities specifically. This is what we like to call disability-friendly. A nice building in a nice neighborhood, with a great reputation for accessibility, electric wheelchair lifts, and easy access to Cincinnati’s Metro, so residents can get around without a car. We realize not every living situation needs to be have “assisted living” services. This is a place we recommend for those looking for better accessibility to the building and to the city. Kroger, the local grocery store, is in walking distance with a clearly marked crosswalk and a loud buzzer for when it’s safe to walk for those with visual impairment.

The Hopewell and Doty Residences

Abilities First is a great organization with two types of residences depending on the need of the person. The Hopewell houses 10 residents at a time – and with nursing staff on site 10 hours a day. They place those with moderate to profound disabilities – a great residential environment for those just looking to build a strong foundation with living on their own or with minimal needs.

The Doty is a full service residence with 24/7 staff, help with transportation, in home care, grocery shopping, as well as an array of activities from fun to relaxing.

Abilities First also has their own Day Service which all residents attend, or if they choose, they can also attend school. In 2012, they were the recipient of a Better Business Bureau Torch Award. This means the BBB has selected them as an organization that is demonstrating excellence in the marketplace (BBB). Not only are they providing much needed services – but Abilities first is doing it better than many.

Catholic Residential Services

This organization offers support in a variety of ways from minimal assistance for those that live at home with their families to full support in many of their Supported Living Centers throughout the city, including ones in Price Hill and Mt. Airy. Catholic Residential Services just became Carf Accredited in 2014, but has been in business since 1992 as an answer from the Catholic community in Cincinnati. They are also a member of The Cara Group, an organization focused on raising awareness and funds for the disability community in Cincinnati.

Even better, CRS isn’t just a place for residential services – they also plan and hold many activities for their residents and participants of their organization. From the movies or reds games to visiting the zoo or art museum – members are able to build larger social bases by the way of many activities.